Shopping Guide

Shopping Guide
Please confirm followings
Please confirm followings

“World” is a onlinestore of hand-made crafts Made in Japan. We propose a high-quality lifestyle.
You can share the rich time and atmosphere together with your important people. Please enjoy meeting with the hanko items that color your life.
We have the right to renew our Shopping Guide properly if necessary. We apply new Shopping Guide at the timing of its renewal.

Our site

This website is supported by "FY 2020 Japan Brand Development Support Project".
We are currently conducting marketing research and the price of the product may change in the future.

Shipping cost

The shipping cost in our store includes these three cost; Shipping fee, Premium for insurance, Handling cost (preparing customs declaration and packing cost).

Shipping fee

Overseas (only U.S.A.)
The shipping cost is all $48.00.

Sharing of responsibility on delivery

We take the responsibility for the delivery of overseas parcel from the departure of our store in Japan to the point when the parcel is on board ship or air plane.


You can pay by through PayPal.

PayPal is a global online payment service.
Safe and easy payment by credit card is possible through PayPal.
If you pay in a currency other than US dollar, you can check the final payment amount in your currency in the PayPal payment page.


The order will be shipped within 3 days from our shop. We do not ship on weekends and holidays in Japan.
Usually, backordered items will arrive within 10-13 days after the order. However, it may take more than 14 days depending on products.
In that case, we will send you a “Delivery Date Confirmation mail.”
You need to pay the total amount at the time of your order.
If you cancel after you make order, please reply with "cancel the order" to the “Delivery Date Confirmation mail.”

Basically, the parcel will be delivered to the address of recipients.

Delivery Time

We are not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes. YAMATO TRANSPORT U.S.A. delivery usually takes 10-13 days. You can check the estimated delivery days at the "YAMATO TRANSPORT U.S.A. Website".


We use "YAMATO TRANSPORT U.S.A." in Japan.
Yamato Transport U.S.A. is a fully owned subsidiary of Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd., the #1 logistics service in Japan.