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Type-A (Kanji only) or Type-B (Kanji + Alphabet (Your name))
As for Kanji, each character has meaning. Kanji names used for non-Japanese are selected by the pronunciation of their name. Normally Kanji has two types of reading, On-yomi and Kun-yomi, or Chinese way of reading and Japanese way of reading. So one name could be expressed with several Kanji patterns because one Kanji could have more than one reading.

Type-C (Katakana + Alphabet (Your name))
Katakana is said to have been created in Japan about the 9th century, and are partially simplified kanji characters. They only have a “reading” and no meaning. Today, it is mostly used to write foreign names, places and words. Names can be made into katakana following their pronunciation.

Type-D (Hiragana + Alphabet (Your name))
Hiragana is the cursive form of Japanese syllabary writing. It is derived from the shape of Chinese characters and first appeared in the Heian period. They only have a “reading” and no meaning too.


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